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Our Projects

ASHA has over 55 combined years of mobility planning experience in Florida, providing urban and transportation planning services to local governments, transit agencies, metropolitan transportation organizations and the Florida Department of Transportation.

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FDOT District Five / Statewide Mobility Week

Type of Project: Stakeholder and Public Engagement

Under the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Five Technical Support and
Public Outreach contract, ASHA oversees the implementation of the annual statewide Mobility Week. Poorna has served as the project manager to FDOT District Five since inception of the Mobility Week initiative in Central Florida in 2016 and has facilitated and coordinated expansion into a statewide initiative in 2018.


The annual Mobility Week campaign promotes safe and efficient multimodal transportation choices through various initiatives, events and programs held in partnership with local and regional agencies. Since 2016, FDOT and its partners have hosted more than 500 events across each of FDOT’s seven districts to share information on travel choices including transit, walking, bicycling, ridesharing and driving safely.

FDOT District Five Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Strategic Plan

Type of Project: Transportation Planning

ASHA has served as the prime consultant on the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Five Technical Support and Public Outreach contract since 2016. Through this contract, ASHA supports the Passenger Operations Team with multimodal analysis, bicycle and pedestrian mobility and safety support, outreach and coordination with local and regional stakeholders, technical reviews, complete streets projects, and grant research. A key outcome of this contract was the development and adoption of the FDOT District Five Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Strategic Plan (PBSSP). It serves as a supplement to the Florida PBSSP and includes specific implementation measures that District Five will undertake to reduce pedestrian and bicycle fatalities in the Central Florida region.

Ped Bike Safety Plan 01.png
Ped Bike Safety Plan 01.png
AC Ped and Bike Crash Facts.jpg
AC Ped and Bike Crash Facts.jpg

High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) Program

Project Type: Transportation Planning 

ASHA serves as a consultant for Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Central Office on the annual Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) Program for Florida’s 25 priority counties. The annual program includes identification of the State’s high crash network based on pedestrian and bicycle incapacitating injuries and fatalities, where law enforcement agencies can effectively focus education and enforcement efforts. ASHA evaluated the effectiveness of the HVE program in reducing crashes as well as the associated Communications program. ASHA also managed a High Visibility Blitz Campaign within the four-county pilot area of Brevard, Orange, Seminole, and Volusia counties in 2020. Outreach metrics included 4 press conferences, 6.8 million earned media impressions, 158 placements, 1.7 million radio impressions, and 2.7 million mobile geo-framing impressions.

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