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Our Services

We bring decades of broad-based transportation and land use planning experience with emphasis on multimodal transportation and community building. Our planning services include:


  • Context Sensitive Transportation Planning

  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning

  • Transit Planning

  • Growth Management

  • Geographic Information Systems

  • Public and Stakeholder Engagement

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Context Sensitive
Transportation Planning

Transportation systems aren’t merely a conduit to get people and goods from here to there. They have served as the basis through which civilizations have flourished and cities have been established. When designed properly, streets serve as spaces for civic engagement, economic activity, and social bonding. Asha team members have focused their careers on planning multimodal transportation networks incorporating context sensitive street design principles that are sensitive to the needs of all roadway users. Our services include multimodal feasibility studies, corridor planning studies, concept development studies and pedestrian bicycle plans. Some of our complete streets projects include Miami Dade Context Sensitive Street Design development, Wekiva Trail Segment 5 Multiuse Corridor Planning Study, SR 519 Corridor Planning Study, Oak Ridge Road Pedestrian Bicycle Corridor Safety Study, Universal Boulevard Corridor Pedestrian Safety Action Plan and North South Transportation Needs for the Coastal Communities Feasibility Study.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning

Thoughtfully planned pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure can help further mobility, safety, and equity aspirations of communities and establish a transportation system that provides viable options for people walking, biking, riding transit and using micromobility alternatives. As avid bicyclists, our team is both personally and professionally committed to the planning, design and construction of appropriate pedestrian and bicyclist facilities and amenities. Our team has extensive experience with non-motorist focused comprehensive plans, development of design guidelines, corridor plans, crash type evaluation, and bike ped masterplans. The ASHA team has been working with the Florida Department of Transportation since 2016 on bicyclist and pedestrian safety and mobility initiatives including the District 5 Pedestrian Bicycle Strategic Safety Plan and implementation of various engineering, education and enforcement countermeasures. We currently support the state Pedestrian and Bicycle High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) program evaluation of ped-bike data, identification of high crash segments in the Top 25 high priority counties, communication and outreach summaries, law enforcement HVE activity summaries and evaluation of the program. Poorna and Rohan have worked on bike ped masterplans, bike suitability mapping, corridor planning, and bike parking plans for Lake Worth, Boca Raton, North Miami, Indian River County and Ocala-Marion County.  

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Transit Planning

Transit is an integral component of a multimodal transportation system and serves as the only travel option for a significant portion of our Central Florida community. Transit planning does not occur in a vacuum; successful outreach to stakeholders governing land use, transportation, environment, housing, economic development is essential. Our team members have experience with general transit planning, stakeholder engagement, network planning, Transit Development Plans (TDP), coordination with regional partners and miscellaneous planning assignments for transit agencies. Our transit experience includes a decade of general planning consulting for South Florida Regional Transit Authority, Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX) Human Service Transportation Plan 2019 Update, Indian River County Transit Development Plan, Sarasota County Area Transit Passenger Mile Sampling and North Miami Transit Oriented Development Feasibility Study. Since 2015, the Asha team has been assisting the Florida Department of Transportation with transit policy planning, stakeholder coordination, grant research, TDP reviews and accessibility to transit stops.

Growth Management

Asha Team members have extensive experience assisting communities with their growth management plans including comprehensive plans for newly incorporated municipalities, Evaluation and Appraisal Reports (EAR) and EAR based amendments to the Comprehensive Plans of existing municipalities. We also have experience reviewing growth management plans on behalf of the Florida Department of Transportation. Having experience as both preparers and reviewers, we can effectively present growth management objectives and constraints to our clients and their community members and develop a plan that promotes context appropriate land uses and supportive infrastructure. We have prepared comprehensive plans, EARs and EAR-based amendments for the cities of Fort Pierce, Miami Lakes, Greenacres, Altamonte Springs, Sanford, Port Orange, Belle Glade, North Miami, Oldsmar, Doral, and Palmetto Bay. We have performed more than 100 growth management reviews for FDOT Districts 1, 4, 5 and 6.

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Geographic Information Systems

The ASHA team has extensive experience using Geographic Information System (GIS) applications as an integral tool on planning projects or as standalone projects to analyze, create and visualize data. It is also used to display information to the public and stakeholders to assist with strategic decision-making in the form of static maps and interactive web maps and dashboards. We utilize GIS applications to manage complex crash databases and evaluate demographic, socioeconomic, land use, and project-specific data. We currently support the statewide Pedestrian and Bicycle High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) program as the data and GIS consultant. The HVE project involves analyzing data annually from the Crash Analysis Reporting System to identify and rank high crash segments for enforcement and annual program effectiveness. Other recent GIS projects include FDOT District 1 Comprehensive Plan Amendment tracker and the FDOT District 5 Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Strategic Plan.

Public and Stakeholder Engagement

All our planning projects include a robust public and stakeholder engagement component so the decisions that impact a community have ownership by community members. Our team members bring passion and experience in incorporating community input into the public planning process. We have served as the public engagement lead on visioning plans, transit area plans, corridor studies, comprehensive plans, transportation masterplans, and bicycle and pedestrian plans. In addition to our public engagement expertise, we have outstanding creative design capabilities and can produce high-quality collateral materials that can help tell the planning story to the community. Our clients appreciate our ability to illustrate technical information in a public-friendly format. Some of our key public engagement initiatives include the statewide Mobility Week, ped-bike safety outreach with Central Florida agencies (County specific crash summary brochures), St. Lucie County Research Park Neighborhood Charrette, coordination of Central Florida Transportation Planning Group meetings, Wekiva Trail Segment 5 Corridor Study and Miami Dade Context Sensitive Design Guidelines study.

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